At Tresham Painting, we use some specialized products to get the job done right and ensure maximum efficiency and cleanliness. Here is a list of some of our favourite gear.

Handyman Paint Spout – this attaches to paint cans for quick, easy and no-mess pouring.

Paint Bucket – this is handy because it holds more paint for less refilling, it is more stable than a paint tray and is easily moved with the handle.

Handy Paint Pail – this paint pail is so great because it has a stretchy rubber handle and a magnetic brush holder. You can also get disposable liners to make clean up quick and easy.

Heavy Duty No Slip Drop Cloth – this drop cloth made by Scotch Blue is a great addition to any pain job. It is reusable, durable and most importantly, it won’t slip.

Handy Paint Tray – this super sized paint tray makes big jobs quick work. They hold a gallon of paint, are super stable and clean up is quick with the disposable liners.

Quick Connect Paint Pole – this paint pole makes it much simpler to connect your roller and get started on your job. There is no need to screw or unscrew the roller on to the pole, it simples snaps on and you’re ready to start.