When hiring a professional painter it’s important to think through which rooms you would like to start painting first. You may need to do interior painting in more than one room, so you’ll want to consider which rooms are the most important to finish first.

  1. The living and dining room should be high on your list because this is where guests spend a lot of time when they visit your home. These rooms tend to look dated if not updated occasionally as well.
  2. Is there an area that needs attention? Maybe it’s the kitchen or bathroom, for example – make sure these areas are a top priority too! If you live with someone who smokes cigarettes then ask about hiring an odour removal service prior to starting any interior painting endeavour.
  3. Then consider the bedrooms. Though these rooms can cause the most amount of disruption to your life which is why working with a professional painter can speed up the process.

Summary: Home Owners should consider their interior painting projects in order of importance. This list starts with the living room and dining rooms – because these are where guests spend a lot of time when visiting your home. The kitchen or bathroom is also important to paint, as it will look dated if not updated periodically. Consider bedrooms last on the priority list since they may cause disruption to your life while you live there during the process!