The season books up very quickly so don’t wait and be disappointed. Usually we have four or five homes left over to do from the previous year, so an early estimate is crucial to locking in an early production time.

Over the years we have maintained hundreds of homes in the Golden Horseshoe and Niagara Region including many homes with a historical designation.

When planning for an exterior paint job make sure that you are prepared to take the time and steps necessary to ensure a long lasting finish. Surface preparation is extremely important. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of peeling paint. Tresham Painting offers a washing service to remove mould, dirt and bugs from all exterior surfaces. This includes a complete scrub and tsp wash of all soffits, siding, eavestroughs, window trim, door trim, railings and posts.  We always budget enough time to do the rest of the preparation and painting part of the job right as well. Scraping with sharp Richard blades to feather edges and sanding with Dewalt rotary palm sanders is a must for a perfect job.

We start with a primer which gives paint a tackier surface to adhere to.(We use Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start Exterior wood primer.) Also, work in the right weather conditions. Painting when it is too hot or too wet will lead to problems down the road. We try our best to work with the weather conditions and use our discretion when completing large exterior projects.

Choose the colour of the exterior very carefully. Make sure it is a colour that you love, since it is not a job most people like to do very often. A top quality paint such as Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior or Sherwin Williams Duration is a must. Modern paints have mildew inhibitors, UV protection, superior adhesion and better colour retention then paints from the past. They are also lower VOC which means they are safer to use and have less odour. Gone are the days of Lead base paint. Paying $15 more per gallon for quality is worth the investment.

Remember your home’s exterior is exposed to the elements 24/7, 365